Jacket is based on this

I just thought it’d look really cool!


King Phillip II of Spain, Phillip I of Portugal, during the Iberian Union, in which he ruled both countries. Phillip was the heir to the Portuguese throne after the Death of King Sebastian of Portugal, who died without children.

I think I unintentionally made Portugal look younger than Spain orz, though it should be the opposite. I thought of this while on the Subway, and decided I wanted to try portraying Portugal and Spain like a proper Union under the same King, as opposed to an unwilling Portugal under Spanish control. See kids, this is what happens when you act all clever and marry off your royals to the point where your only heir is spanish. I have a feeling Portugal was hoping that Spain would be in the heirless situation and it ended up being him instead. The clothes might be innacurate ;u; I used Velazquez paintings as reference, but the cloaks were a bit too dark for me to figure out, and I was in a hurry drawing this.


Spain: “Er it popped again!”

I loved his shirt so much I had to draw this. Romano is just tired of the walking fashion disaster. Lux is messing around with his older brother by copying his hairstyle.

Request 54



Good morning!
It’s become a pretty long Halloween. Hahahaha.

Even when the main story ends, 
the whole month of November might end up with an atmosphere of Halloween 
from the requests and chibi-characters and omake manga↓ lineup.

Today, I’ll keep doing the requests and manga updates starting around 11.

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Juan と Antoninho

ので親分がポルさんの名前を呼ぶ時は Joãoの代わりにJuan(ファン)と呼ぶかも知れない
人や物の語尾にnho/nha とつくと「小さい」とか愛称の意味になると聞いて、


Tomato gang! Bels outfit was loosely based on this. The background is supposed to be transparent, but tumble seems to be having trouble with it for some reason, so please tell me if it doesn’t work properly.