…Can you even imagine Lusus with a blog. *sob*

New minion burnt my coffee beans this morning, so I torched him. Wasn’t terribly awake at the time I took the decision to do so - if I had been, I might have realised that that would burn the beans even further. So. No coffee, and need to employ a new minion. First to clear up the mess of old minion on the floor, and then make more coffee. Must remember not to torch the coffee-makers and general kitchen staff in future: devise new method(s) of expressing displeasure, or see A. about water torture.

[omg ksdjfhsdjkfjd. If not that he’d be spamming people with pictures of his consort and kids and his puppy. All over the temple walls. And various bits of pottery. There’s probably a whole room of them now. He was so thrilled at the invention of the camera. /shot] 

Blog updates by pot. XD ‘Read the latest Underworld goss as you’re making dinner!’

I don’t know if I will finish this but… I was thinking Fem!Pan (I dunno, I wanted to draw women) has all these satyrs and nimphs around.

And then we have Lusus…


Well, Lusus has zombies…


Not quite like the last time.

They’re gonna be ok. ( ・_・)

This is actually part of the 30 Day OTP Challenge. I chose “Arguing” first. (And Gods AU engport just because) =3=

Albion you know what they say about playing with fire. Watch your hair.



OK coloured that pic. >n>b I’m sorry but cuddles between these two just uuuuuaaaasfsdfdfdsdf ??? (/__\;)

AUs and engport okay. Can’t stop me.


*Gods AU* Albion/Lusus

Put these two side by side? y/n (⊙7⊙)b

B&W versions here and here.


I lied. 

I grabbed that picture and sort of fixed it for AU purposes. 

Okay I can go to bed now. 

    Gods!AU: Characters so far

  • Spain: The Creator (Earth god. Though most of the time he is mistaken for a monster given the way he looks. |D;)
  • Portugal: The Destroyer (aka Lord of the Underworld/Earth god. Not altogether right in the head some days. Married to England.)
  • England: Water/Navigator God (brings forth the waters of life that melts the frost and creates Spring. Married/Sometimes-prisoner to Portugal)
  • India: Sun/Fire God (drives his boat/chariot across the sky, and spends the night in the Underworld where he is often invited to dinner)
  • China: Moon God (much more conservative than his sunny counterpart India and his sparkling, sunshine abs. Some days just wants to do a Majora's Mask and flatten everyone, because China takes no shit.)
  • Greece: God of Wisdom/Military Strategy (and cats; constantly butting heads with Turkey)
  • Turkey: God of War (and all its physical/violent aspects; including the dreaded Stop Hitting Yourself tactic)
  • Poland: Messenger God (herald of godly news, juicy gossip and guide to the Underworld)
  • France: God of Love (along with his charming assistants who look after specific types of love; Romano and Veneciano. Married to Scotland.)
  • Scotland: God of the Forge (Blacksmith; got a temper that once buried a city in volcanic ash. Has unfortunate knee injury. Married to France.)
  • America: Demi-god (and hero in training. The god who sired him is still unknown. Has a twin brother. England sponsors his hero work as a "patron" of sorts, because he dreads the day America dies and he'll have to share his beloved Blessed Isles with him for eternity /shot)
  • Canada: Mortal (America's older twin brother; following the myth of Perseus, where his mother slept with both Poseidon and her mortal husband on her wedding night. In this case it resulted in fraternal twins.)

Then I wanted to try and draw Portugal/Lusus too. I haven’t finished it yet but I think that’s all for today. I should be studying orz

I tried to draw Spain as a Minotaur/God from the Gods AU.

Detail of the face orz