Yesterday in the last minutes of the game, Iker asked the referee to end the match in respect for Italy who was losing 4-0. (x)

Gracias Iker!


Casillas sans pants avec trophies. Best. Picture. EVER!


also, remember when i said this is my favorite gif? 

i’ve changed my mind

that is my new favorite gif


Help me. I can’t stop with this man.

“I didn’t know if he will come to us. I was looking at training Spaniards with anxiety. They were on another side of the pitch. I didn’t see Iker. I was all nervous, because we experienced something like that before. December last year, Real Madrid’s authorities arranged a meeting with footballers in Madrid for us, but Iker wasn’t there. He was on vacation. So we were standing here in Gniewino and after half an hour someone from UEFA came and asked if I am Dawd’s mum. He told us to be near the Iker’s goal in twenty minutes. Someone told us everyone is waiting for this moment.”

“I saw him [Iker] coming to us and I stood stock-still. It was a great moment. He was very hearty, he hugged us. He said to Xabi Alonso standing near us: “Don’t you want to meet Dawid?”. Xabi only laughed: “Are you crazy? We are old friends, we met each other in Madrid when you weren’t there!”. Dawid said to Iker in Spanish: “I have been waiting for you for three years”. Then Iker leaned to him and hugged him. Our translator explained that was something extraordinary. Such gestures aren’t very common in Spanish culture, such hugs are reserved only for nearest and dearest, the people you have the most respect for. Dawid was so touched that he was about to faint after the meeting”

- Mum of disabled Dawid, Real Madrid supporter, whose dream was to meet his hero, Iker Casillas.