Headcanon: Toph will never grow out of her blind jokes~

  • Young Lin: When did you know you were in love with daddy?
  • Toph: It was love at first sight.
  • Young Lin: ...
  • Toph: ...
  • Young Lin: ...
  • Toph: ...
  • Young Lin: That wasn't funny.
  • Toph: Yes it was.






This is the definition of a joke blown outta proportion. 

I just wanted to draw something so I could joke that the ship would be called Bollin but then I accidentally started to think it was cute and I just love drawing older Bolin and um. 

holy hotcakes, I ship it. 

oh no

oh no i ship


no no don’t ship it don’t—

well damn

WHY WOULD YOU make this so adorable augh okay I ship it too


couple lin things from back when we didn’t know she got her powers back.. i was upset lmao. thought it’d be cool if she got ridiculous weapons or something I AM GLAD SHE GOT HER BENDING BACK THO omg


Maybe, if she’d been a mother, it would have been like this. 

His success made her happy and his failure made her push him harder. 

Yes, she thinks, ruffling his hair as he bends the metal warily. His eyes might’ve been lighter than Bolin’s, but perhaps this was how it felt to have a son.


commissioned piece for kyuubi1010; Lin and Bolin after training.

“I’m sorry Mom.

- Hush. It’s okay. You did good kid… Plus, how would you learn if life didn’t get some sense in you ? “


I think the ex-metalbenders are going to be alright! They got each other for support. 


Lin BeiFong

Got a bit carried away with this one since these are just supposed to be quick, but I should really just crop the bottom off because my brain did not want to draw hands today >:I

My art: http://oo-fotisha-oo.deviantart.com/



“That’s my girl”

Don’t care what you say. Toph deserves both days of parent worship for producing Lin Fucking BAMF Beifong.

Happy Father’s + Toph Day.

until there’s an official Bryke announcement naming a father, I’m going to believe that Toph was so awesome and so badass that it couldn’t be contained in a single body and so she had a child




Lin doesn’t do babysitting.

Omg. OMG.

Jinora would probably be like HEY ITS TOO DARK FOR ME TO READ IN HERE.