Marie Claire Italia September 2013
Model: Sessilee Lopez
Photographer: David Bellemere

České středohoří | Bohemian Central Uplands is a mountain range located in northern Bohemia. The highest peak is Milešovka (837 m). The lowest point is the level of the river Labe in Děčín (121.9 m). 

České středohoří is a nature reserve (Czech: Chráněná krajinná oblast (abbr. CHKO), and the D8 motorway connecting Prague and Dresden is to traverse the mountains. This led to a number of controversies, and as of 2010, the České středohoří is the last section of the D8 under construction.

Lenticular clouds over Granada, Sierra Nevada by Guido Montañes



Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi. 
جامع الشيخ زايد





Mashaa Allah :)

Whoa, this is the best photo set I’ve seen thus far about the snow in Egypt. These shots are AWE-SOME! Especially that last one of the sphinx!

The guy in the top one looks so happy :D That has brightened my day marvellous much.

oh man awesome